Wood Post Lay-Down Fence Clip

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Wood Post Lay-Down Fence Clip also shown with optional Insulator.


This Wood Post Lay-down Clip makes your wood post fence

 look smart and is super easy to install. Again the stretch through design

 provides the strongest most versatile fencing solution on the market.

 With tons of options and stronger than wire strength. With this system,

the existing fence can be tightened by stretching wire

each 1/4 mile rather than between each pair of posts.

This saves on having to remove staples on wood posts. Snow loads push

steel posts into the ground or bends them, when the wire is left installed.

Laying the wire down prevents this.

Our fencing clips adapt to fit 4", 5" or 6" wood posts.










If you need to have an electric top wire or two, it is a piece of cake to do.








( Note: the insulator in some cases will restrict stretch through

 with barbed wire and require insulator positioning,

use un-barbed wire or tape if this is undesirable.)


Each clip comes provided with a 2 galvanized nails and 1 duplex nail.


If you require a super tough installation they can be installed with grabber screws

 (not provided) for a super-tough wood post fencing solution. Take your pick.

They are ready to go!


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