Wood Post Lay-Down Fence Clip



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Strong Steel Attractive Fencing System Solutions.

Home of the Super-Tough Popular Galvanized Steel labor-saving stretch through clips.

There is no reason to have unsightly dangerous saggy loose fence wires again.

Lay-Down clips can be used in areas of heavy snow fall to prevent post or wire damage or in areas

needing fence lay down accessibility but are also used in all types of fencing environments

 to make the cleanest strongest installation.

Low annual maintenance and repair cost savings can pay for the system itself.

For all wire types, barbed,  solid, electric, or electric tapes.

All our lay-down clips can be used with electric wire or electric tape with our heavy duty insulators.

Weld On clips for steel posts, when used with electric insulators are superior large animal retention systems.





Steel T-Post Lay-Down Fence Clip






Wood Post Lay-Down Fence Clip





Weld On Steel Post Lay-Down Fence Clip




Steel T-Post Permanent Fence Clip






Fence Clip Insulator



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