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Strong Steel Attractive Versatile Fencing System Solutions. 

Home of the Super-Tough Popular Galvanized Steel labor-saving stretch through clips.

There is no reason to have unsightly, dangerous, saggy, loose fence wires again.


Benefits of the Tincup Creek Fencing System:

  Our T-Post clips are more than 1 1/2 times the strength of T-Post tie wire anchors.


  A prefered method approved for use in attaching high tensile wire to steel posts. 

        (Now in use along interstate highways.)


  Wires can be tightened through clips.


  Wires are less likely to be broken under heavy stress such as snow or impact loads as they

        are allowed to stretch over entire span between anchor points.


  Wires last longerónot being damaged by tie wires or staples.


Savings on installation and yearly repairs will pay for the clips. Reduces upkeep. Low annual        



The Tincup Creek Fencing System allows you to rapidly install and/or lay down wire.


For all wire types, barbed,  solid, electric, or electric tapes. All our clips can be used with electric wire or

        electric tape with our heavy duty insulators. Weld-On clips for steel posts and used with

        electric insulators are superior large animal retention systems.


A must for heavy snow country, snowmobiling, game crossings, and access to or from property

        without the necessity of gates. You can easily access a property by laying down the fence, driving    

        through and quickly replacing the wires in the clips.


  Lay-Down clips can be used in areas of heavy snow fall to prevent damage or in areas needing fence

        lay-down accessibility but are also used in all types of fencing environments to make the

        cleanest strongest installation.

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